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Stickman Type 3 Coffin Vase

Pictured is a fine example of a beautiful original Stickman Type 3 Troika Pottery Coffin Vase, largest of the Stickman vase Family

It is a original produced piece from Troika Pottery Factory 1963-1983

It was decorated by Jane Fitzgerald who joined Troika has a decorator between 1976 – 1983

The piece carries the decorating artists monogram mark to the base “JF”

It stands 17cm tall by 8cm wide at the base and 6cm at the top

Main Colours – Green – Brown

Glazed – Not Glazed

The piece is in clean pristine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs

Grade 10/10

Piece By Andy Serial Number: 00225 Categories: , ,


Troika Pottery Coffin vase are one of Troika’s most popular vases amongst the Troika collecting fraternity, there are a total of nine different designs! (listed below)

When pricing these vase`s the usual rules apply amongst others, with those being……. Rarity, Quality, Design, Colour, Weight and of course Collectability.

For example, there are three ‘Stickman’ type Coffin vases which vary in design, with some rarer than others so consequently for example a Type 3 Stickman vase is far more desirable and collectable than a Type 1 Stickman vase, when applying the Rarity, Quality, Design, Weight and Colour to the vase.

Another example would be the ‘Rhombus’ Coffin vase, which is far rarer than a ‘Portal’ Coffin vase.

With fully glazed vases being more collectable than a unglazed finish vase.

Here is the list of the 9 named Coffin Vases in order of rarity, expense, collectability, with number one being the rarest and number 9 being not so rare.


Next to each of the Coffin vases names are the meaning of their name.

1/ Rhombus (Rhombus is a flat square with 4 equal straight sides)

2/ Cumulus (Cumulus are clouds which have flat bases)

3/ Annulus (Annulus are rings/circles shaped objects)

4/ Stickman Type 3 (Explains this type of man in Coffin)

5/ Timer (The name given as the look is one of an Egg Timer)

6/ Stickman Type 2 (Explains this type of man in Coffin)

7/ Portal (Portal is a type of Doorway)

8/ Stickman Type 1 (Explains this type of man in Coffin)

9/ Domino (The name given as the look is one of a Domino)

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