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Benny Sirota Love Plaque

Pictured is a fine rare example of a beautiful original Troika Pottery Benny Sirota Love Plaque.

It is an original produced piece from Troika Pottery Factory 1963-1965.

This plaque was decorated by Benny Sirota who was one of Troika Pottery owners from start 1963 to 1980

The piece carries the decorating artists monogram mark to the base “BS”

The piece is in clean pristine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs

Grade 10/10

Length 38.5cm    Height 13cm

Main Colours – Dark Brown – Blue – Red – White

Glazed – Glazed


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The Troika Pottery Love Plaques was initially designed by Benny Sirota as a present for his mother in the 1st two year from the opening of Troika Pottery at Wheal Dream St Ives Cornwall in the year between 1963-1965

The Love Plaque represents the three stages of love (Meet/Court, Make Love, Marriage Proposal)

Made from one piece of clay, the motif where cut out into the clay to create this outstanding pictured pottery piece, that was then coloured and fired.

These rare Love Plaques where made in small quantities and where decorated by either Benny Sirota or Leslie Illsley who was also one of the partners of Troika Pottery. As well as Stella Benjamin and Kristen Roth who both worked at Troika Pottery between 1963-1965

As Leslie Illsley rarely signed piece that he decorated, obtaining a Leslie Illsley monogram on one of these rare Love Plaque would be a great find for a collector.

A present then by Benny Sirota in the year 1963-1965 for his mother, will today made a fantastic present for someone you Love today or a couple getting married.

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