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Aztec Mask Type 3

Troika Aztec Mask Type 3

Decorated by M. Murrell June 1974 • June 1975

Aztec Masks as a textured surface with distinctive colours

Main Colours on this piece are of Blue – Brown – Light Green – Cream.

The piece is in clean pristine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs

Grade 10/10

Measurements: 25cm x 19 cm x 5.5cm

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The Aztec Mask is one of Troika Pottery most iconic pieces.

These were produced at the Newlyn pottery from the early 70’s

There are 3 different Aztec Mask designs that can be recognised by looking at the inner side of the face guard.

Type 1 with a Straight face guard

Type 2 with a Tapered face guard

Type 3 with a Square face guard

There is One further unique and rare addition which is the “Bullet Hole” Mask. This is one of the designs about but with bullet holes in the Mask

There Neck Base make this piece easy to topple over so extra care should be taken if displaying them without support

Measurements: 25cm x 19 cm x 5.5cm

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