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32cm Large Rectangle Lamp Base

Pictured is a fine example of a beautiful monumental original Troika Pottery Large Rectangle Lamp Base.

It is an original produced piece from Troika Pottery Factory 1963-1983

It was decorated by Simone Kilburn who was decorator for Troika Pottery between 1975-1977, dating this Lamp Base production between those two dates

The piece carries the decorating artists monogram mark to the base “SK”

This piece is one of Troika Pottery largest Lamp Base standing a monumental 32cm tall by 11cm square

Main Colours – Light Brown – Orange – Blue – Cream

Glazed – Fully Glazed

The piece is in clean pristine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs

Grade 10/10

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Large Rectangle Lamp Base decorated by Simone Kilburn circa 1975 – 1977

This is a large piece, measuring 32cm tall

Marked Troika Cornwall SK at the base

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