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16cm Wheel Vase 2

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If we’re talking about generic “collections” and not anything specific, then the easy answer is “three”. One is an object. Two is a pair. Three or more is a collection, assuming you have them with the intention of collecting them. That’s how it started, but then I found I personally don’t like odd numbers and, if you have an even numbered collection then  you need to fit a shelf to put them on.  Once you have a shelf you fill the shelf but then find your single shelf looks too cramped, so to be safe you buy another shelf, then you need to fill the new shelf because a few pieces spread out looks quite sparse. Each piece to me is in its self a work of art, the earthly colours, the uneven texture and quirky shapes.  I have a couple of shelves now, in gloss white with  subtle LED lights that displays my collection rather well, but the wall now needs more shelves to balance out the odd numbers….

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