The Coffin vase is one of Troika’s most popular vases amongst the Troika collecting fraternity but how many of you knew there are a total of nine different designs!

When pricing these vases the usual rules apply amongst others, with those being……. Rarity, Quality, Design, Weight and of course Collectability.

For example…. there are three ‘Stickman’ type vases which vary in design, with some rarer than others so consequently a Type 3 Stickman vase is far more desirable and collectable than a Type 1 Stickman vase.

Another example would be the ‘Rhombus’ vase which is far rarer than a ‘Portal’ coffin vase

Any vase that is monogrammed by a decorating artist that only worked for the pottery for a short time, i.e. Vicky Drew, Shirley Wrath and Leslie King etc should carry a premium and also increase the value for a true collector as these artists would have decorated only a limited number that reside now in the public domain.